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Energy & Utilities
Enabling Security and Compliance for Energy & Utilities Firms

The energy industry - oil companies, electrical power producers, transmission companies, energy traders and others - are subject to a wide variety of regulations focused on monitoring communications between employees, logging content to ensure compliance, archiving content for long periods, and protecting their critical assets from cyberattack. In addition, the use of new communications tools like Twitter and Facebook create additional complications and new opportunities for energy-related companies to run afoul of their regulatory obligations.

Keeping the world’s energy infrastructures running smoothly depends on instant access to communication, collaboration, and social networks. Make decisions faster and keep customers happy - all with the compliance your business requires.

Instant messaging (IM) is how energy traders authorize and execute energy trades. That’s a big reason why energy and utility firms are subject to a wide range of industry and regulatory policies that require IM chats to be logged and archived. However, IMing alone doesn’t keep the lights on or engines running. It takes all the communications, collaboration, and social networking tools available to do the job faster and more reliably.

The Actiance platform helps ensure organizations and their employees meet the strictest information governance requirements, including those established by regulators like FERC, NERC, CFTC, and the NFA.

Unified Security Gateway - is the only Secure Web Gateway to combine feature and content controls of social networks alongside the monitoring, management and security of Web 2.0 applications, such as instant messaging, with URL filtering, anti-malware and Web anti-virus protection.

Socialite - enables you to control, regulate and moderate social networking activities. From granular content, features and activity control to the moderation of subject matter posted and the archiving of posts and activities, you can confidently enable. Socialite is available as a module of USG, as a SaaS solution, or as a hybrid (i.e., on-premise and hosted) solution.

Vantage - is used by the world's largest firms to ensure security, management and compliance for Unified Communications - from presence and instant messaging to conferencing and voice - to safely enhance business productivity and responsiveness without endangering network security.