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Unleash Social Business for Marketing with Actiance


Marketing and sales departments have also been quick to adopt new social communications capabilities such as instant messaging, unified communications, and enterprise social collaboration platforms to raise productivity, enable real-time information sharing and raise customer satisfaction.

However, effectively marketing and selling socially requires solutions that helps your business improve engagement. In order for social sellers to engage their customers they must be able to follow key connections to help make sure they are engaging at the right time, with the right people, using the right content – and to apply analytics to track and measure results of social networking activities. These efforts can be challenging and ineffective with outdated, duplicative technologies.

The Actiance platform provides capture, archiving and information management capability for all types of social communications including enterprise social platforms, unified communication networks, industry and community networks, public instant messaging, and social networks. Marketing and selling teams can be more effective in delivering social content by leveraging analytics to improve insights across all communication channels. A unified, extensible platform also improves team efficiency with unified user and policy management, as well as future-proof with the ability to easy support new communication channels as they emerge over time.